MOBSAD Visit Çağ International

MOBSAD Board of Directors CEO Engin KÜÇÜK continues his visits to the committees under his leadership.

In the past days, MOBSAD visited companies, every one of which has an important role in their field of work, believing that this visits strengthen ties between these huge brands and MOBSAD family itself, and this time MOBSAD had a visit to ÇAĞ KABARA & ZIMBA TELİ SAN. VE TİC. A.Ş.

MOBSAD Board of Directors was greeted by ÇAĞ KABARA CEO Hakan KOÇABAŞ, Board of Directors members  Gökhan Kocabaş and Okan Kocabaş. After a pleasant conversation, MOBSAD Board of Directors CEO Engin KÜÇÜK personally presented a thank you plaque.

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