First in the World: KAPITOMATIK

In the furniture industry, ÇAĞ KABARA & ZIMBA TELİ SAN. VE TİC. A.Ş. is a company, which every year with the help of  innovation, produces auxiliary products and accessories that are efficient and ease standard production line, and at the same time, is a company, whose success depends on its tenet that holds consumer ideas foremost while developing these products.

According to the information provided by one of the company’s partners, Gökhan Kocabaş, ÇAĞ KABARA has designed a quilt basting gun, called KAPITOMATIK, which reduced a 4 hour labour to 45 minutes, and by producing suitable capsules with yarn and clips, it ceased to be  dependent on foreign companies.

Gökhan Kocabaş emphasizes that commercial success is not their  only goal and that the company aims to make a difference by  achieving an increase in total quality and capacity of the production in the furniture industry. He mentioned that with the help of KAPITOMATIK they are able to ease and optimize production,  thus increasing its capacity.

As stated by Gökhan Kocabaş, the launch of KAPITOMATIK will be performed in TÜYAP Ağac Makinalari and Intermob Fair and everyone interested ıs welcome to ÇAĞ KABARA stand where the product application will be presented.

On the other hand, Kocabaş states that the establishment of MOSFED (Furniture Industrialists Federation) during month of Ramadan and its gathering of Furniture producers and Furniture sub industrialists on the same platform will accelerate our industry. He will mention his gratitude to all those who took part in the establishment of MOSFED and defines his speech as follows:

We, as founder and Board of Directors members of MAKSDER, believe that it will have an important role in the federation and will bring novelties with it. We wish good luck to our CEO Munis Tezbaşaran on his position in the Board of Directors.

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