IWF-2016 Atlanta/USA

Having a 316 million population and being worlds largest consumer society, in United States of America expenditure on furniture and its by-products per person is found to be on average 1797$/year. That is why for us, furniture sub industrialists, United States market is a critical place to focus on. Besides imported products consumption, United States is manufacturing in large quantities, especially having large production of Amish society handmade and country style furniture.

For 8 days we observed and scrutinized IWF Atlanta 2016 Fair both as participants and as visitors. Our impressions of the fair converged to a point where it was accepted as the right fair related to the industry.

Participants where mostly industry’s biggest companies like Hafele, Hettich, Grass. Blum, Salice, Taiming, King Slide, 3M and SAMET. In IWF Atlanta Fair of total 1146 participants, approximtely 36 were from our country and this was the symbol of strength.

As a result of  getting experience on fair events through many years, despite some flaws before and after the Fair, IWF Atlanta Fair was seen as a successful event and was accepted as an important fair visited by serious  buyers and critical Furniture manufacturers.

We are proud that our company, ÇAĞ KABARA & ZIMBA TELİ SAN. VE TİC. A.Ş., was successful on its first U.S.A. fair participation by both presenting our country and introducing our products to American market.

We hope that IWF fair will lead to more job opportunities and we wish good luck to all Turkish companies that attended the fair and presented our country in best the way.


Gökhan Kocabaş


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